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Argonaut VI QRP 1-10 Watt Transceiver (Package Special)

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Argonaut VI Summer Savings Package Just For You

Includes Model 702 Hand Mic

Includes 700 Hz model 2006 CW Filter

Ten-Tec has created another legend within the new 539 Argonaut VI.  This "NEW" QRP transceiver incorporates the use of Ten-Tec's ASR design philosophy.539-sm.jpg  This same low noise receiver design blended with advanced software control has been used with the 599 Eagle and RX-366 receiver giving you outstanding dynamic range and crystal clear audio.

Tired of extended long menu driven transceivers.  Experience the simple, fun, and ease of use the Ten-Tec Argonaut VI offers. Designed right here in the USA, you will never find a more enjoyable QRP experience in such a small package with such outstanding receiver performance.  The 539 will operate with any of the currently available, optional, 8 pin microphones. The legend lives on.


  • New Speed Sensitive VFO tuning rate
  • New 9.5-14 VDC power requirements
  • Dynamic Range of 91dB @ 2 kHz
  • 1-10 Watt adjustable power output
  • Built in Curtis Mode A or B keying
  • Keying output for 100 Watt Solid State Linear amplifier Model 418
  • Operate digital modes with full rated output
  • Legendary Ten-Tec quality QSK CW keying
  • Standard 2.9 kHz Roofing Filter Included (2.5kHz effective through DSP)

Model 539 Product Brochure Download

Model 539 Quick Start Guide Download

Model 539 Manual Download

Model 539 Schematics



TEN-TEC Model 702 8-Pin Hand Mic Included

Omni-directional, dynamic element, 500 ohm impedance, wired with an 8 pin connector for the Omni-VII and Orion II702mic-sm.jpg HF transceivers. Coiled connection cable. Also usable with 8 pin equipped Yaesu transceivers.


700 Hz model 2006 CW Filter Included

700 Hz Roofing filter for Model 539 Transceiver.  This filter plugs in.  No soldering is required. 

Center Frequency (MHz) +/- 50Hz MAX  ----------  9.000470700hz-filter-06921.1373600193.1280.1280.jpg

Bandwidth @ -6dB (Hz) MIN. +/- 6% --------- 740 Hz

Number of Poles -------- 4

Insertion Loss (dB) MAX -------- 4.5db +-10%

Ultimate Attenuation (dB) -------- >70

Pass Band Ripple  (dB) -------- (+/-) 1.0

Termination (OHM/pf)  --------- 200/0

Operating Temperature --------- 0-50 DEG.C

Enclosure -------- 4 PIN PCB  Non-Shielded






  • Microphone connector 8-pin on front panel
  • Headphone Jack 1/4” stereo, accepts mono or stereo on rear panel
  • External CW Key Jack 1/8” stereo, accepts mono or stereo on rear panel
  • Aux DC Output Connector RCA 0.5A max connected to DC Power
  • Frequency Range TX: 1.795-2.005 (160M), 3.495-4.005 (80M),
  • 6.995-7.305 (40M), 10.095-10.155 (30M), 13.995-14.355 (20M), 18.063-18.173 (17M), 20.995-21.455 (15M), 27.995-29.705 (10M).
  • Frequency Range RX: 1.795-2.505 (160M), 3.495-5.005 (80M),
  • 6.995-7.305 (40M), 9.995-10.155 (30M), 13.995-15.005 (20M), 18.063-18.173 (17M), 20.995-21.455 (15M), 27.995-29.705 (10M). Specifications apply within Amateur Radio bands Only.
  • ACC Din Connector 8 PIN DIN Connector-Line in, Line out, Aux PTT, Ext Key, Clock, Data, Enable, Ground.
  • DC Power Connector AMP MATE-N-LOCK, 2 pin
  • Fuse Automotive Blade Style 7.5 A 32V
  • Tuning Steps 10, 100, 1000, speed sensitive, VFO Lock
  • Frequency Stability +/- 0.5 PPM over operating temperature
  • Antenna Impedance 50 Ohm nominal
  • Antenna connector 1 x SO-239
  • Modes USB, LSB, CW, (AM optional)
  • Memories 100
  • Supply Voltage 9.5 – 14 Volts DC
  • Operating temperature Range 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 2.25”x6.5”x7.6” (excluding knobs and connectors)
  • Weight 3.6 pounds
  • Construction Molded plastic front panel, aluminum chassis and Textured painted steel covers
  • PC Control Port USB (using CCS USB to UART Driver)
  • Display Custom FSTN monochrome LCD
  • Display Backlight Variable RED, Blue, Green (internal settings)

  • SSB Sensitivity Better than 0.7uV (0.5 Typ), 2.4Khz, 10 db SINAD Preamp off
  • AM Sensitivity Better than 4 uV, (2.0uV Typ) 30% Mod, 6Kh BW, 10 dB SINAD Preamp off
  • Selectivity IF1 2.9 Khz standard, 9.0018 Mhz, 2 options positions
  • Selectivity IF2 30 Khz Lowpass filter
  • Selectivity, DSP IF 100 built-in DSP filters from 100 – 6000Hz BW
  • Third Order Intercept Point (IP3) 15dBm@20Khz tone separation/2.9 kHz roofing filter, 20dBm@ 2kHz separation/700Hz Roofing filter, S5 method, preamp off
  • IMD3 Dynamic Range Typical 98dB/20kHz, 98dB/2kHz,500 Hz BW,calculated 2/3(IP3-Noise Floor), preamp off
  • Blocking Dynamic Range 138dB/20kHz, 140dB/2kHz, 600 Hz BW, RF Gain @ 12 o’clock, preamp off
  • LO Phase Noise 124 dBc/Hz @ 20 kHz, 114dBc/Hz @ 2 kHz
  • Noise Floor Typical -138dBm/500Hz BW/Preamp on, -128dBm /500Hz BW preamp off
  • IF Frequencies 1st : 9.0018Mhz, 2nd : 22.2kHz ,3rd : 0Hz (DSP)
  • 1st IF Image Rejection Typ 59 dB
  • 2nd IF Image Rejection Typ 69 dB
  • Other spurious Response Rejection: > 80dB
  • Birdies Typically less than -100dBm equivalent (no more than 5 birdies greater than -100 dBm equivalent
  • Pass Band Tuning +/- 2.1 kHz, 5 Hz steps. Small dead zone for centering
  • Preamp Nominal 12 dB
  • Audio Output 1.3 Watts into 8 ohm, <3% THD
  • RIT Range +/- 8.2 kHz
  • RIT Step Size 10 Hz
  • S-Meter Reference S9= 50uV RMS
  • RX Headphone Output designed for 16-32 ohm impedance headphones. Usable at 8 ohms.
  • AUTO NOTCH IF DSP, multi-tone
  • NOISE BLANKER IF DSP, adjustable
  • RX Current Drain 550 m amps
  • All measurements are typical. Results will vary based on different Test Enviroment,Tools, and Test Methods. Specifications are subject to change.


  • RF Power Output Adjustable, 1-10 watts, +/1 dB CW, SSB, AM, AFSK, PSK
  • Duty Cycle 100% for up to 10 minutes @ 10 watts
  • CW/SSB TX Bandwidth 2.9kHz Filter
  • AM TX Bandwidth 6 kHz Optional Filter
  • Microphone Input Impedance > 10k-ohms at 1 kHz
  • Microphone Sensitivity 1 mV RMS for full power output, internal gain adjustment, 9v dc for electret elements
  • SSB Carrier Suppression >60 dB
  • Unwanted Sideband Suppression >60 dB at 1 kHz
  • T/R Switching PTT or VOX on SSB, AM. QSK on CW
  • CW Keyer Type Internal Curtis Mode A or B, selectable
  • CW Rise and Fall Time 5 ms
  • CW Offset adjustable
  • CW Keyer Speed 5-40 WPM, adjustable weighting
  • Current Drain 3 amps at 10 watts
  • Third Order Intermod Better than 30 dB below peak
  • SSB Generation DSP Generated
  • # of DSP generated TX Bandwidths 2 built-in DSP filters – automatically selected based on mode - 2.9 kHz for CW and SSB, (6 kHz for AM option) Note: the optional 6kHz filter is required for AM transmit

  • 4 Pole Roofing Filters 700 Hz, 6 kHz
  • 702 Dynamic Mic
  • 418 Solid State 100 Watt Linear Amplifier
  • 712 Digital USB Sound Card Cable
  • All measurement are typical. Specifications are subject to change.

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    Product Reviews

    1. Argonaut 539 Great Radio

      Posted by Jeff Nelson W2PWD on 11th Feb 2015

      As others, my initial transceiver was the Scout 555. Good radio and I have had most of my ham radio experience in QRP (kits, etc.)

      When I turned on the new Argonaut, I immediately noticed the great audio and DSP filtering that I have been lacking in the past. On SSB, no problem even with 10 watts.

      Forget about the travel radio idea, this radio is now my main station rig

      Thanks, Ten Tec

    2. Ten Tec excellence

      Posted by W7CJD Connie Dodson on 8th Dec 2014

      My previous amateur radio transceiver experience is the Ten Tec Scout 555, an excellent introduction to amateur radio, that has had only compliments on the audio.

      This Argonaut VI is everything I have hoped for in a modern transceiver for weak signal receive, plus I have the Ten Tec audio.

      The Argonaut VI has the operating convenience that is not push button.
      There are three, however, their use is intuitive.

    3. Argonaut VI a fantastic little rig with a big receiver.

      Posted by Geoff on 1st Dec 2014

      I have not had the Argonaut very long but the more I get to play with it the more impressed I am. The receiver is terrific. Working 40 m from Zephyrhills FL into VA ssb with 10 watts on an MP-1 mag mounted to my truck was my first contact. The rig is small easy to use and works.

    4. Ease of use, Features, Performance = Pure Fun

      Posted by Dave- AE6RQ on 26th Nov 2014

      After just a few hours with this radio, it's easy to conclude that Ten-Tec has done a superlative job with the Argonaut VI.

      The user interface and controls are easy and 90% intuitive. The TMB switch avoids layers of menus. All of the functions that you'll regularly use are just one switch-flip and button-push away (or just a button push if the TMB is already where you need it). The main tuning knob is then used to adjust parameters such as output power, keyer speed, noise reduction level, etc. Other, infrequently accessed configurations (such as sidetone frequency) are just a click, flip, and push away. It's a dramatic departure from rigs with layered menus often using cryptic LCD tags.

      The features, all accessed through that interface are just right. IF bandwidth down to 100 Hz, PBT, some really good noise reduction levels, and an easily adjustable noise blanker too (which I haven't had the chance to use yet).

      The Argonaut V, which I sold to fund the VI, is a nice radio today, and it was an exceptional radio when introduced in 2003, but the past dozen years have really enabled dramatic improvements in performance and features that have found their way into the VI. Simply put, the VI's performance is in a completely different class than any other radio that I've ever used. My VI includes the 700Hz roofing filter and combining with the IF filter, I've already enjoyed the ability to copy a signal just above the noise floor, just about 500 Hz away from a S9 signal.

      And oh... that lovely RF gain control!! (If you've used a Argonaut V, you'll know what I mean). It is really easy to listen for long periods to the Argonaut VI. Just bring the RF gain control down and the background noise with it. If the noise remains challenging, just engage that NR and enjoy - though I've found thus far that NR just isn't usually necessary when I use the RF gain correctly. I've always relied on external analog audio filters to clean up my signals with all of my earlier radios. Now, on the VI, I'm quickly learning that I just need to tweek the PBT, BW, NR, RF Gain.

      The ease of use, fine performance, audio sound and clarity, and features of the Argonaut VI just make for a really fun radio that I'm sure to reach for before my other radios.

      I'm a CW operator so I'm not yet in a position to review the SSB performance.

    5. My 4th Argonaut. They keep getting better.

      Posted by Carl on 18th Nov 2014

      I have had my Argonaut 6 for a bit over a week now. I have participated in 2 sprints. I learned to use it via the front panel first. It was easy to get the hang of it. Then I ran it with N4PY software. If felt and sounded like my Eagle via the software. It behaves well with my LP-Pan-2 panadapter and NaP3 software. I can go simple or complex. It plays well. It is everything I had hoped for. So 505, 509, 516 and now a 539...a nice line-up.

    6. Amazing box

      Posted by Haney Howell on 20th Aug 2014

      The Argonalt 6 is like going back to the future. I purchased a 505 qrp rig in Denver in 1979 and placed it next to my Drake C line. I could not believe the quiet receiver. I still have the Omni D I purchased soon after along with an Orion and Corsair.31.

      It now appears that Ten Tech has brought back much of the early magic while using the new technology. For an old ham (since 1958). it's the best of both worlds. An amazing box that's easy to master. I've worked 50+ countries in just a couple of weeks, and constantly get great review on the SSB audio. I purchased the 6 kc filter and glad I did.

    7. More Value than the Price Suggests

      Posted by Jim KM5M on 21st Jul 2014

      As with all Ten-Tec purchases, the Argonaut VI delivers much more value than the price suggests. It's a high-performance American-made QRP transceiver in a very compact package. Not having quite the "street appeal" of the Argo V, the smaller Argo VI sports an improved user interface. The receiver is HOT, QSK is PERFECT, and receive audio is THE BEST. The only additions might be CW memory, a jack for relay keying a tube-type amplifier, and a speaker jack. I look forward to a long and happy marriage with my Argo VI, as I've had with my other T-T rigs. Every one is a keeper.

    8. Argonaut 6

      Posted by Ron Davidson on 17th Jul 2014

      Wow! What a receiver. I also have an Omni V, and the Argo 6 runs rings around it. Fun to operate and easy to use.

      Now, I wish the 418 amp would go on sale!!!

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