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Prepairing Your Product for Shipment

Preparing Your Product For Shipment

Please return the product in the original box with the original foam inserts. The product will be returned to you in a new box with new foam inserts, you will be charged for this new box. The new box is used so that there can be no dispute (carrier can not claim insufficient packaging) in case a damage claim is necessary with the carrier. If you wish to keep your original box then it can be shipped back to you empty.

Ten-Tec recommends using the original molded foam inserts to protect the product during shipment.

If the original molded foam inserts are not available, wrap the product in bubble pack with at least 3 to 6 inches of thickness. Place the product securely in a box with minimal extra space to reduce/prevent movement. Do not use Styrofoam popcorn or peanuts!


Use 3 inch wide plastic packing tape or 3 inch wide reinforced water-activated paper tape to seal the box.

To prevent damages, do not use carrier mail packs or envelopes. Ten-Tec will provide additional packing material e.g.. Box, Foam Inserts at extra cost.

It is not necessary to send CDs, manuals, AC adapters, power cords, etc unless instructed to do so by Ten-Tec Service. These accessories are easily lost and are sometimes no longer available for replacement. Service department has all necessary cables and manuals to facilitate repair.

Product Shipping Instructions

Ten-Tec recommends using a trackable carrier. Make sure a copy of the airbill is kept, as this is the only proof of shipment.

Place your name, repair number, unit serial number, and if sending multiple products in please specify what box number in the upper left corner of the package.

Place the shipping label on the largest flat surface of the package.

Remove/Cover all old labels if reusing packaging.

If you do not understand these instruction, please call the service department at (865) 428-0364

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