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Preparing Canadian Equipment for Repair Shipment

Brokerage Fees:


  1. UPS. Fed EX and Canadian Post will charge a brokerage fee for clearing a package through Canadian customs when the package passes from Canada to the United States and again when the package re-enters Canada from the United States.
  2. Packages shipped by Canadian post have the most reasonable Brokerage Fees. Insurance on packages shipped by Canadian post is limited to $1000.00.
  3. Brokerage Fees for packages shipped by Fed Ex or UPS will be $75.00 to $250.00 or more. Fed-Ex always charges a brokerage fee for ground shipments. Packages can be shipped by a FedEx option called Broker Inclusive.  Broker Inclusive includes all brokerage fees in the shipping charge.
  4. Brokerage Fees on packages shipped from Canada to Ten-Tec will be charged to Ten-Tec by Fed Ex, UPS or Canadian Post then Ten-Tec will add these fees to the repair invoice.
  5. Often a repair is completed and the equipment is returned to the Canadian shipper before Brokerage Fees are charged to Ten-Tec, then fees will be billed to the Canadian shipper by separate invoice.


HST, GST, PST or any applicable duties:


Repaired equipment returned to a Canadian shipper by Ten-Tec can be subject to Harmonized Sales Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Providential Sales Tax or any applicable duties. To avoid taxes or duties please obtain “IDENTIFICATION OF ARTICLES FOR TEMPORARY EXPORTATION”, Green Form Y38, from the local Canadian Border Services Agency and include it with the equipment to be repaired. Green Form Y38 allows the Canadian shipper to re-import the repaired equipment without HST, GST, PST or applicable duties. Ten-Tec will return repaired equipment by the same carrier used by the Canadian shipper unless the Canadian shipper requests a different shipping method.

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