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Eagle HF DSP Transceiver

12.00 LBS
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TEN-TEC has created a 100 watt transceiver combining simplified controls and ease of operation with the excellent performance of a low first IF 160-through 6-meter ham-band architecture in a compact, mobile-friendly structure. The analog portion of the radio is double conversion with IF frequencies of 9.0015 MHz and 22.5 kHz. A third conversion to zero-frequency IF is accomplished in the DSP processor.


The TEN-TEC Model 599 Eagle signifies strength born from DSP technology in HF design. Listening to input from Ham radio operators from around the world led our team of engineers to a remarkable compact yet high performance transceiver that Hams of all ages and skill levels will find a joy to operate.

The large easy to read display can be conveniently configured with your favorite background color and intensity, making your Eagle a pleasure to use as a base, portable, or mobile radio. Flexibility also extends to the Eagle with TEN-TEC’s Sensitune automatic antenna tuner, noise
canceling circuitry, and of course TEN-TEC’s famous selective roofing filters.

The TEN-TEC Eagle will truly provide years of outstanding performance unequaled by any other radio in its size or price class. You can be assured the Eagle offers more receiver horsepower with new DSP based architecture, Selectable Roofing filters, noise reduction, antenna tuner, and of course TEN-TEC’s legendary QSK keying. A tribute to American ingenuity makes the Eagle a radio you can be proud to show your fellow Ham radio operators.

Whether you are a seasoned contester, DX chaser, net operator or a casual operator, the TEN-TEC Eagle has the performance and convenience that will provide years of operating enjoyment!

  • Unlike any other radio in this price class the Eagle offers a combination of DSP and selectable roofing filter options to tailor our listening pleasure. Unlike most transceivers in this price class, TEN-TEC’s unique crystal ladder filters help eliminate undesirable signals from entering the receivers first IF stage making a more enjoyable listening experience even in crowded band conditions.
  • A TEN-TEC first: A user selectable color display which can be tailored to your favorite color and intensity. Different operating environments have varied lighting conditions so why not tailor your radio to meet those needs?
  • You never have to worry about hearing the weak ones with the fully
    adjustable DSP noise reduction system used in the Eagle. Eliminating
    atmospheric band noise is just a push of the button!
  • Tired of noise blankers that seldom work in a mobile environment?
    TEN-TEC’s unique model 320 optional noise blanker will cancel noise you thought never would be possible.
  • Eagle covers 10 HF amateur bands plus 6 meters along with general
    coverage receive. Dual VFO’s with SPLIT mode and 100 memories, passband tuning, adjustable AGC, variable CW offset, RIT, built in
    CTCSS tones for 6 meter FM and TEN-TEC’s legendary silky-smooth QSK
    for CW and fast switching digital modes. These features add up to one
    terrific radio!

Eagle Manual

Eagle Product Brochure

Eagle Video

ARRL Eagle Product Review

User Input on FLDIGI with the Eagle

What’s Included with the 599 Eagle

  • Owners Manual
  • Model 702 PTT Hand Microphone 8 Pin
  • 1/8” Stereo Plug for key paddles
  • Hex Allen Wrench
  • DC Power Cable
  • Spare 25 Amp Little fuse
  • Warranty Card


  • Microphone Connector: 8-Pin
  • Headphone Jack: 1/4" Stereo, accepts mono or stereo plug.
  • External CW Key Jack: 1/8 " Stereo
  • External Speaker Jack: 1/8" Mono
  • Aux DC Output Connector: RCA x2
  • Frequency Range TX: Ham Bands Only (160-6M)
  • ACC. Din Connector: 8 PIN DIN Connector - Line In, Line Out, Aux PTT, Ext Key, Clock/Data/Enable, Ground
  • DC Power Connector: Power Pole
  • Fuse: Automotive Blade Style Fuse, 25 Amp 32V
  • Frequency Range RX: 500 kHz - 30 MHz and 50 - 54MHz. Specifications apply within Amateur Radio bands only.
  • Tuning Step Size: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000
  • Frequency Stability: Maximum +/- 0.5 PPM over operating temperature
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms nominal.
  • Antenna Connectors: 1 x SO-239 transceive
  • Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM (optional), FM (optional)
  • Memories: 100
  • Frequency Accuracy: +-5Hz @25C, 1 Hz tuning resolution
  • Supply Voltage Range: 13.8V +/-15%
  • Operating Temp. Range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.9" x 8.5" x 10.25" (excluding knobs and connectors)
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs with all options
  • Construction: Molded plastic front panel, aluminum chassis and texture painted steel covers
  • PC Control Port: USB (using CCS USB to UART Driver)
  • Display: Custom FSTN monochrome LCD
  • Display Backlight: 256 colors X 16 intensity levels

30 Day Return Policy

All new and demo (non-kit) TEN-TEC equipment sold factory direct is sold on a 30 day trial period. If within 30 days of purchase you decide not to keep the equipment it may be returned to us for a purchase price refund, less shipping charges. Please call our sales department at (800) 833-7373 or (865) 453-7172 and request a return merchandise authorization number – this will greatly speed up the processing of your refund. Return items to TEN-TEC, 1185 Dolly Parton Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862. Include a note with any returned equipment with your name, address, and telephone number and the RMA number. For equipment sold through our international dealers, it is at their discretion to set their own sales and return policies.

TEN-TEC USA Warranty

New and demo TEN-TEC equipment purchased directly from TEN-TEC in the U.S. is warrantied parts and labor for 12 months from date of purchase. Purchaser pays inbound shipping to us for warranty repair, we pay shipping to return the repaired equipment to you by UPS ground service or equivalent to the continental USA and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii and outside U.S. and Canada actual return shipping cost paid by owner. The only warranty exception is for the model 238B antenna tuner and the 417A Titan III linear amplifier, which are warrantied for three years parts and labor, under these same terms. Used equipment sold by TEN-TEC is warrantied for 30 days, parts and labor, under these same terms.

Click Here For All Warranty Information

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What's Included:

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  1. Best tranceiver in 57 years

    Posted by Donald W Douglas KC0QCQ on 12th Apr 2014

    Don't know what the fuss is all about for an Orion II replacement, I wonder how many potential Ten Tec customers agree with the contesting thread since Ten Tec is almost always sold out of Eagles. I have recently owned a 1000 MP, FT-2000, and TS-590 and they don't come close to an Eagle on receive. I compared all the Big 3, Elecraft and Ten Tec at Orlando and for me the Eagle came out the winner. It's not just the receiver that is good, I'm using a 777 headset and that combination is always getting me unsolicited " Great Audio" reports. Sorry I waited so long to purchase a Ten Tec.

  2. A joy to operate!

    Posted by John Nicholson on 29th Jan 2014

    The Eagle has won me over in short order; easy to operate but delivers big rig performance. I use mine 99% CW and couldn't be more pleased. QSK is perfect. Sensitive yet quiet receiver...even quieter with NR engaged! Really nice fit and finish. I traded my Orion II in on this rig and didn't miss a beat. The Eagle was meant to be a spare rig to my Kenwood TS-990S but is getting more use...

    73 John K7FD

  3. Simply Exceptional !!

    Posted by Dave, W9cmd on 22nd Nov 2013

    I've recently replaced my Icom 7200 with an Eagle for portable operation. Fits great in my Pelican case, and lighter in weight than my older Icom. While I truly enjoyed the Icom, I'm enjoying the Eagle much more. Particularly the receive audio, and the SUPER HOT receiver. I find I'm using the attenuator much more than in the past, and using minimum RF gain to get a clean copy, with minimum noise. I like the way the S meter shows the signal and not affected by the RF gain setting. The receive audio sounds just like FM or similar to the old tube receivers of the past. Simply Exceptional

  4. Simply the Best

    Posted by Joseph, WB4SSG on 2nd Nov 2013

    I currently own Yaesu's, Icom's, Flex and just sold my Kenwood. Without question, the Eagle is the best. My audio reports from all my other radio's have turned from okay, fair, poor to the BEST audio they have heard using the Eagle. The receiver is great, almost has the same noise reduction as my Perseus. The front panel layout is simple and easy to use. With the addition of the Ten-Tec #318 Amp Key, I am able to run my amplifier and set the delay simply and easy. The construction of the Eagle is excellent due to the metal case and frame and the excellent layout of the internal components. The IF out allows me to us my Dongle Pro as a Panadapter with a buffer amp supplied by Clifton Laboratories 7236 Clifton Road Clifton VA 20124 tel: (703) 830 0368 fax: (703) 830 0711, Jack.Smith@cliftonlaboratories.com. During contests the Eagle runs cool and has been a joy. Without a doubt, Ten-Tec is the best.

  5. Makes a fin match to my 6n2

    Posted by Allison/KB1GMX on 30th Apr 2013

    As expected a very good receiver. What was unexpected was some of the features. None of the info on it mentioned the backlit soft touch buttons, the extent of the things that can be adjusted for best result. Thankfully I downloaded the manual first and read it.

    On the bench it does perform well, on the air its a wonderful sounding radio. I went at ever feature that got bad words in other reviews and I'm still wondering if they even had an Eagle.

    I've used the tuner, while a bit slow in some cases it has matched some difficult antennas
    including a wire literally on the grass on 75M.
    the NR function is very good though it does add some artifacts, the upside its despite that the station I was listening to was far more intelligible. Noise blanker is both effectve
    on local power line noise it handles ignition noise well. The AN makes a good lid filter.
    While not designed as a portable rig like the Argo it's still fairly decent when run on battery I even checked into a 75M net using a
    7AH gell cell with good results. Its also quite tolerent of low voltages.

    I find the controls as I would lay them out and the only thing I encounter that is awkward for me in the volume on/off as that control in the
    6n2 is on the right and the Eagle its on the left... Oops. It's more a reflection of how
    the front panel has good similarity and feel. I'd also say that the Eagle does fix many of the oddities of the 6n2 for announcing the state of function button and being informative of settings.

    Along the way I had questions and they were answered, that alone to me is a winner. The fact that my 6n2 is now 10 years old and running strong, a Triton (m340) I picked up as second owner is still good and never needed repair,
    and my 1208 transverter never gave trouble. I expect this radio to last me.

    Its over 30 days and it's never leaving! I'm having fun with it and it is a great radio for just listening around the non ham bands.

    73, Allison/KB1GMX

  6. My Second Ten-Tec and I Love it!

    Posted by Dick Deutscher on 15th Feb 2013

    I just purchased a Ten-Tec Eagle which will be used as my mobile and portable radio. I have a Ten-Tec OMNI VII, which I have owned for several years, and just love.
    The Eagle receiver is great; the receiver is very responsive, fantastic audio and easy to use, as was the transmitter. I worked from home several days last week and had the Eagle on in the background.
    With no Amplifier and a simple vertical antenna, I easily made contact with an Austria station. Since then I have made many contacts, most on my first attempt. All stations have been easy to tune in, and all contacts easily understood me, with comments on my quality audio. Thanks to the good receiver and transmitter audio.
    I cannot wait until I can get the Eagle mounted in my Jeep.
    73 from K0DEU, Custer County, South Dakota

  7. Excellent rig

    Posted by Art on 11th Feb 2013

    It's been a long time since I was on the air....life got in the way. Anyway, I decided to fire up my old Henry Radio Tempo One and see if it still worked. It did and I used that for a few months, but I decided that I needed a newer rig, so I looked at the various offerings and when I saw that the Ten Tec was made here in the US, well that made up my mind. The rig had good reviews, so I bought one and I am so glad I did. I don't like all of the other rigs digital this and digital that, I am used to manual rigs like the Tempo One. I was concerned that the Eagle would be one of those rigs, but after using it, I found that it was very easy to use. It's very use friendly and all of the buttons are intuitive. I am so happy that I bought this rig and it's been performing great for me! I even decided to buy the Ten Tec Regal 707 microphone to go with it and the reports that I have received when using it are amazing. Thank you Ten Tec for making US made equipment that has such outstanding performance. I will always be a Ten Tec supporter forever!

  8. Easy to use

    Posted by Art on 19th Dec 2012

    I decided to move up to the 21st century and get one of these rigs. I chose the Eagle because I don't like a lot of bells and whistles...I was using a Henry Radio Tempo One, so simplistic is my speed.

    When I first got this rig, I was disappointed that it had too many buttons and too many bells and whistles. What I found was that in no time, the rig was more intuitive than my first impression led me to believe. I am not accustomed to menu driven rigs, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me, but it was a very easy curve. After playing with it for a few days, I didn't need the instruction manual to figure things out, and that's rare for me.

    I think that I made the right choice with this rig and would recommend it to anyone.

  9. OMG!

    Posted by Howard Miller - AB1CW on 14th Dec 2012

    I love this radio!!! Simple to use, plenty enough "bells and whistles" for the type of hamming I do...which is mostly CW. I took it out of the box, hooked up the power, and was on the air in minutes. I did read the manual,...but after I was already having a ball and many QSOs on 40 and 80. The antenna tuner works grrrreat for me (although I have read about some complaints regarding tuning times...etc). I'm using a G5RV in it's intended configuration (hung between 2 trees,...at 45 feet :>) One thing I noticed about the antenna tuner, ... it has memories!!!! I found that I did not have to retune when I jumped from band to band, as long as I had tuned on or near those frequencies previously. You can tell pretty quick by looking at the meter when you transmit what your SWR is (ballpark:>) Last thing,... I'm no spring chicken, and 50+ years a CW op. This radio is a definite keeper for me :>) For logging and control, I use MacLogger DX, and it worked right off the bat with the USB connection.

  10. One Great Radio

    Posted by Jerry Rogers on 14th Oct 2012

    The radio that can. I know it lacks the “Bells & Whistles” that the bigs ones have.
    But that in no way diminishes from the HIGH PERFORMANCE it produces.
    And added to that you want find yourself turning a lot of knobs to achieve this performance. The transmit and receive audio is outstanding. No EQ to adjust, just clean, clear transmit audio.

    Having said that, I’ve had the pleasure of owning many good radios, and they all did their thing. However, not to the level of the Eagle. This radio does not induce listening fatigue, it’s very quiet, and so easy to use. The receiver is right up there with my Orion II on receive. I know the Orion has a lot more circuity, so it does more things, but the Eagle just performs. Just one sweet radio.

    One last comment, and that’s the feel of a big radio. There will always be hams that like the larger radio. I guess it’s like the automobiles we own. Each model has it’s appeal, but in the end they all get you from point “A” to “B”. The Eagle just does it so smoothly.

    PS: I use N4PY software with my radios, and it makes the Eagle just that much more fun and flexible. Thanks TenTec for a great product, and your continuous support.

    Jerry Rogers

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