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243 Dial cord and pointer replacement

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1.Remove from panel as per manual
2.Tum PTO knob full CCW (low end of band). Tum mechanical zero knob to midrange.
3.Tie a good knot in the Dacron string around the pin on the PTO shaft. Knot should be a non-slip knot.
4.Run the string CCW around the PTO shaft. NOTE: If the pin is on top of the shaft the string will need only to go part way around the shaft. If the pin is on the bottom of the shaft run string 1 full turn around the shaft.
5.Run string down & under the plastic pin on the mechanical zero adjust knob. Then continue to the right under pulley #l up the right side & around pulley #2. Then across top to pulley #3. The dial pointer should be placed on the string just touching pulley #3.
6.Go around pulley #3 & under pulley #4 about l inch from pulley #5. Connect the Dacron string lo the elastic.
7.Stretch the elastic cord about 1 inch & tie to the solder lug on the screw immediately to the right of the PTO shaft.
8.Turn the PTO shaft completely thru its range noting that the dial painter doesn’t bind or turn. If it pulls out from the front twist the pointer up & over 1 full turn.. This will prevent it from catching on front panel when it is installed.
9.R-install front panel & check that the dial pointer goes thru its range without binding. If it binds it’s sometimes necessary to place thin spacers on the screws between front panel & sub-panel