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Connecting a TEN-TEC transceiver to a non TEN-TEC amplifier



Early TEN-TEC transceivers do not have a keying loop because QSK amplifiers were not designed until the late 80’s. Any TEN-TEC transceiver earlier than the Corsair II will only have an external TR jack for keying an amplifier. Late production Corsair IIs have the keying loop.

Collins 30L1, Heathkit SB200 and SB220, Drake L4B and other amplifiers with 110 VAC keying relays: 
An intermediate relay is required. The TR jack is used to key the intermediate relay and the dry contacts on the relay key the amplifier. Connect the relay as follows:

Solder a diode across the relay coil.
Apply 12 to 14 Volts DC to the cathode end of the relay coil. Connect a shielded cable with an RCA connector on one end to the TR jack on the TEN-TEC transceiver.
Connect the center conductor of this cable to the anode end of the relay coil and ground the shield.
Connect a shielded cable across a set of normally open contacts on the relay.
Connect the other end of this cable to the relay connector on the amplifier.

Acom amplifiers have a conventional keying loop. Connect the TX EN on the TEN-TEC transceiver to the KEY OUT on the Acom and TX OUT on the TEN-TEC transceiver to KEY IN on the ACOM

Most QSK amplifiers can be keyed from the AMP KEY (also called EXT TR or EXT T/R on some TEN-TEC transceivers) and operated in PTT or semi break in mode.

Non QSK amplifiers with DC relays:
Connect a cable from the EXT TR jack (labeled Relay N.O. or AMP KEY on some TEN-TEC transceivers) to the key jack on the amplifier. Note: The relay in the Omni VI and VI+ must be activated in the menu. The relay in the Paragon II must be activated by a jumper. The jumper can be accessed by removing the bottom panel of the Paragon II.

QSK Amplifiers:
Alpha 87A/89

Connect the TX EN/TX OUT jacks on the TEN-TEC Omni VI to a Y cable. A series diode is placed in the center conductor of the third leg of the Y connector and the cathode end is connected to the RELAY connector on the Alpha.

All other transceiver Amplifier combinations use the relay connection

Ameritron with the QSK 5:
Refer to Figure 2A in the QSK-5 manual. Key 2 goes to TX OUT on the TEN-TEC Transceiver. Key 1 and AUX jacks are connected together with a Y cable and the third leg of the Y goes to TX EN on the TEN-TEC Transceiver.