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How do I work split with the Eagle?



Working Split with the Eagle




If a DX station is working split and listening 2 KHz up frequency from his transmit frequency perform the following on your Eagle.


  • Tune your Eagle to receive the DX station on VFO A.

  • Press the FNC button

  • FNC is now flashing which means you are now using the secondary button function feature.

  • Press the A/B button and you will now make both VFO’s show the same frequency.

  • Press the FNC button once again to release the secondary button function.

  • Tune your main VFO up 2 kHz where everyone is transmitting.

  • Press the A/B button to transfer your new (up 2 kHz frequency) to VFO B.

  • Press and hold the A/B button for 2 seconds and the word SPLIT will be displayed next to VFO B.

  • The Eagle is now able to transmit on VFO B while listening on VFO A.

  • To exit SPLIT mode press the A/B button again for 2 seconds until SPLIT disappears from the front screen.