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Radio Screen Blank After Update

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    Orion firmware versions after 1.363 have a new RAM-CLEAR feature that can be used to recover the radio in the event of a memory scramble or blank screen after updating the firmware. This can happen when the USER settings are not cleared after a firmware upgrade that changes the memory layout. This action will clear USER settings, Memories and Recordings.

    To Activate the RAM-CLEAR feature.

        * PRESS and HOLD the VFO B LCK button while turning on the radio.
        * CONTINUE to HOLD the VFO B LCK button until the BATTERY FAILURE message appears at the top of the screen.
        * Answer YES if ‘Clear User Memories?’ appears on the screen.
        * Answer YES if ‘Reset Optional Filters?’ appears on the screen.
        * When the radio has completed booting up, turn radio OFF for a few seconds and then back ON.

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