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Repair of Vintage TEN-TEC Transceivers


TEN-TEC Service Department stocks a very comprehensive line of component level parts for our vintage transceivers. We can repair most transceivers that we have built in the past 44 years. However, there are individual transceivers that can no longer be economically repaired:

  1. Many vintage transceivers are mechanically worn out from years of use. Most notable worn part is the mechanical band switch. Switch indexes are no longer available. Most but not all individual switch wafers are available but it is very labor intensive to replace these wafers.
  2. Many circuit boards have become intermittent after years of heating and cooling, expanding and contracting during the course of normal operation. Intermittent problems on circuit boards can be repaired but this is most often a slow time consuming process to locate the intermittent solder connection or trace on the board.
  3. Many vintage transceivers have undocumented modifications. These modifications often render a transceiver un-repairable since the service technician often can not easily determine the nature of the modification and its effect on the operation of the transceiver. Some documented modifications will also render the transceiver un-repairable since the modification drastically changes the operation of transmitter or receiver.
  4. Many vintage transceivers purchased from on line auction sites, hamfests and yard sales may not be as advertised and may require extensive repair to bring them up to original specifications.

TEN-TEC Service will evaluate your vintage transceiver. If it appears that the repair cost will be excessive we will give you an estimate for the cost of repair before any repair is attempted. If you decide not to have the transceiver repaired there will be a charge for one hour of labor ($60.00) to cover the cost of the bench time necessary to evaluate the transceiver. We will then ship the un-repairable transceivers back to you at your expense.

If you want to repair your vintage transceiver, we will sell you the parts to accomplish the repair. Please send an Email to service@tentec.com with the Model number of the transceiver, a description of the part and the TEN-TEC part number if available.