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Tuning instructions for AM Operation with the Onmi VII


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  1. Set the power output to the desired level. Key the transceiver with the microphone and the DSP will automatically set the carrier to the proper level (this will initially take a few seconds). Peak output of an AM transmitter is 4 times the level of the carrier, thus if the power output is set for 100 watts, the carrier will be 25 watts, power output is set for 50 watts then the carrier will be 12.5 watts etc…
  2. Speak into the microphone and adjust the microphone gain until the ALC LED flickers on voice peaks. If the microphone gain is adjusted beyond the point where the ALC LED flickers on voice peaks, then distortion can occur. It will be helpful to monitor the audio with the monitor or an external receiver
  3. Adjust the transmit roll off and transmit equalizer using the monitor or an external receiver for the most pleasing transmit audio. The microphone gain might have to be readjusted for ALC after these controls are set. Bandwidth is automatically set by the DSP. The speech processor is not active on AM