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RF Speech Processor

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Model 715 RF Speech Processor is a high performance true RF-type speech processor designed to operate with most modern HF Amateur Radio transceivers. RF speech processing is a superior system to the traditional AF clipping, AF compression, or RF compression found in a typical HF transceiver for achieving the highest ratio of average-to-peak power from an SSB transmitter.

  • Increase average SSB power output by up to 6 dB
  • Enhance readability by stations hearing your signal
  • Break pileups for DXpeditions faster
  • Keep your net or contest run frequency clearer
  • Easy to install, easy to operate

The purpose of an RF speech processor is to increase the readability of your signal at the other end of a QSO. Speech processors do not increase peak power; they increase average power output. An up to 6 dB increase in average power output in SSB service can be achieved with the proper use of a true RF speech processor like TEN-TEC model 715.

This power increase, coupled with the ability to tailor the speech passband can mean the difference between a signal buried under band noise or an intelligible, copyable signal.

The 715 RF speech processor is installed between the microphone and the microphone jack on your transceiver. Two inputs for microphones are provided. A conventional 8 pin microphone connector that is wired the same as the 8 pin microphone input on the Omni-VII and Orion II transceivers (also wired the same as 8 pin Yaesu connectors), and a second 1/8” input used for direct connection of microphones or headsets like Heil Sound, etc. The output connector is a 1/4” stereo connector. Output cables are available for 4 pin TEN-TEC, 8 pin TEN-TEC (also used by Yaesu), 8 pin Kenwood (also used by Elecraft), 8 pin Icom.

An input adapter, model 720, is now available for plugging Icom microphones directly into the front of the 715. A Kenwood/Elecraft adapter, model 721, is available for plugging a Kenwood or Heil microphone directly into the front of the 715.

AF clipping or compression processors found in a typical HF transceiver typically create distortion consisting of harmonics and IMD products. An RF speech processing system converts the input audio signal to an RF SSB signal. It is then clipped, fed through a ceramic filter and returned to audio, effectively removing harmonic distortion that would have been present in an AF system.

Model 715 takes the input audio signal, converts to a 455 kHz DSB signal, removes the opposite sideband and limits distortion products with filtering before returning the resulting signal back to audio for output to your transceiver.

Why use an RF speech processor? Several reasons, all related to signal copyability. The increase in average power output between a non-processed and a processed signal under marginal band conditions can be enough to make the difference between being heard and not being heard. During DXpeditions or contests, the goal is to be heard before everyone else or through a pileup. Maximizing average power output whether you are running barefoot or using an external linear amplifier is a paramount consideration. Why not take full advantage of the allowable legal maximum power output? Much of average power is lost as high amplitude, low energy voice peaks. Increasing average power by a few dB is like having an extra amplifier or a better antenna available than what you are currently using.

Small footprint ensures valuable desk space is not taken over by the unit — measures only 2.5” H x 6.0” W x 5.0” D. Weight 1..25 lbs.

The model 715 RF Speech Processor is priced at $249 plus shipping and is in stock and available now. $249 includes one output cable of your choice, 4 pin TEN-TEC, 8 pin TEN-TEC (also used by Yaesu), 8 pin Kenwood (also used by Elecraft), 8 pin Icom. Additional output cables are available at only $35 each.



• Power Requirements: 12-20 VDC
• Microphone Input Impedance: Max 50k ohms
• Microphone Input Sensitivity: 1 mv or greater
• Polarizing Voltage: +9 VDC at input pin 2
• Low Freq Response: With passband control centered, -3 dB@800 Hz. Max low frequency with passband control full clockwise, -3dB@1300 Hz. All specified without clipping. Low frequency response will vary with the amount of clipping added

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Product Reviews

  1. Effective Audio for Ham Radio Communications.

    Posted by Jim Naughton on 16th Jul 2014

    I originally read about r.f. envelope clipping as a very effective intelligibility enhancing speech processing method in the ARRL Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur Handbook in the 1970's - but, although I am a "hands-on" type who likes to build stuff myself, I never found the time to build such a system. Consequently, when Ten-Tec brought out the Model 715 Speech Processor, based, I believe, on ideas put forward by Harold Collins (W6JES)in the Jan. 1969 edition of QST, I decided to purchase one in 2010. Not having very much backyard space,I normally run 100W-200W into a 43ft. homebrew vertical using an MFJ remote base tuner, and even though my signal reports from dx stations may not be very high at times, I very often get comments regarding my "good audio" which appears to get through despite very often having a weak signal.
    My original Ten-Tec 715 purchased in 2010 is normally used at my VE3EIA location, but I have just purchased another Ten-Tec 715 in 2014 for use at a holiday QTH in Ireland (using my EI9BD call, and also with a vertical antenna and MFJ remote base tuner).

    73 - Jim VE3EIA

  2. As a New Ham I Never Expected So Many Kudos From Seasoned Hams...

    Posted by Rip Noel on 25th Jan 2014

    I never expected the repeated kudos, especially in the harried rush of a contest, that I received after installing my TEN-TEC RF Speech Processor but that is exactly what happened. Not just once or twice either. I've never received "really great audio" complements before and was surprised to hear this again and again.

    My only regret now is that I made this equipment purchase decision as one of my last and not my first. It seems that one of my least expensive equipment purchases has made one of the largest improvements in my broadcast audio.


  3. If you want to bust a pileup,..this is the ticket, not your legal limit amp !!

    Posted by Dave, W9cmd on 22nd Nov 2013

    Absolutely the very best speech processor available. Forget your on-board processor and get one of these. I've used mine with a number of radios, TT 626, TT Scout, TT Omni VII, TT Omni VI, TT Eagle. Also used with an Icom 7200. Hook it up correctly is the first key. Second, NEVER allow the display to go beyond 3 bars, and typically adjust the gain to only show two bars. Your audio with be clean and sharp. Adjustment of the rear output is also critical. First adjust the rig mic gain with the Processor OUT, then switching to processor IN, adjust the rear processor output gain to match the audio input of the rig when the processor was out. You will not be sorry. It will improve ANY brand radio, and TT can help you with the right cables and adapters to get you up and running.

  4. Really seems to help my 95W get thru!

    Posted by Doug, W0CVF on 14th Apr 2013

    I've had my 715 for about 3 yrs now working with my FT-950, and absolutely love it. Like W1DXH's review, I have nothing but good things to say about it. I have had many 53 sig rpts. Have gotten thru many, many pile-ups running 95W into a Cobra Ultralite Jr. wire antenna. When I ask about my voice quality, I inevitability get fine rpts. QST's review was right on target.

  5. Solid product - works well

    Posted by Bill N7AG on 11th Oct 2012

    Use with Omni VII, better than built-in processor, easy to set up, can be used with other rigs.

  6. Use with non Ten-Tec transceiver

    Posted by John on 7th Sep 2012

    Bought this new at the Orlando, Florida Hamfest from Ten-Tec. Was told I could use with my older Icom, just follow the instructions.

    Hooked it as per manual including jumper. Set controls as directed. Has never ever worked.

    Pass it by with other rigs (i.e. older Icoms)

  7. Best $253.00 Amplifier I have ever owned

    Posted by Randy Moore, AI4CO on 2nd Jul 2012

    Raises the average power of my TenTec Eagle to almost 100 watts. Does very well on DX and most people do not realize that I am using a RF Speech Processor until I mention it. I have made a lot of DX contacts using this speech processor with my Eagle and now I think I will sell my amplifier.

  8. works as stated on vhf and hf

    Posted by steve KB9RDS on 16th Nov 2011

    I use this unit with my Omni 7 and my ft-847 works as it should, wished the instructions were a bit more in depth. It is a keeper...

  9. always looking for an edge

    Posted by steve W1DXH on 24th Oct 2011

    Purchased for use with my Orion 565 and have been pleased with the results.You can visually see the difference on the watt meter between the unit on and off. It does exactly what they claim and on the other end they can hear the difference. Completely satisfied with the results.

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