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USB soundcard digital mode adapter cable

1.50 LBS
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The model 712 adapter cable (6ft in length) is a soundcard USB device that allows direct connection of the AUX I/O, ACC 1, or AUX1 jacks on the Omni VII, Orion/Orion II, Argonaut V, Eagle, Argonaut VI, and some Jupiter HF transceivers to an open USB port for digital mode use.

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  1. A no brainer

    Posted by Doc on 19th Feb 2015

    This does not even require critical thought. If you own a Ten Tec rig that can use the 712 sound card and intend to do any digital work, get one. Plug one end into your rig, the other into the computer, spend a few minutes setting the levels in your computers sound manager and you are off. I really appreciate the simplicity here. It's very unobtrusive (i.e. I don't need one more thing sitting out on my desk) and it just works.

  2. Works

    Posted by N8GGU Kevin B Cutright on 12th Feb 2015

    Was not plug an play. Works good with HDSDR. Has hum with EasyPal.Unplug the 712. The hum is gone. OMNI 7 Good radio.

  3. Plug and play ,for sure

    Posted by Dave Wank--NK8A on 16th Jan 2015

    The Ten Tec 712 is easy to connect and works great on my Eagle radio for digital modes.

  4. Easy Setup with Orion 565, Though Instructions Are Off

    Posted by Mike on 23rd May 2014

    I just opened the box this morning, plugged into the AUX I/O port as per the instructions (needs a firm push). I then connected it to my PC. In the Orion menu settings I selected SSB, set TX Audio Source to AUX (not LINE as per the instructions,line is not an option).

  5. Easy Setup with Eagle -- works very well

    Posted by K8QS on 17th Mar 2014

    The product info doesn't say that this works with the Eagle, specifically, but it does work splendidly. It is as close to plug-and-play as you can get. Wonderful product. Thanks, TenTec.

  6. Model 712

    Posted by Dennis on 6th Mar 2014

    It works great with my Eagle.With in 5 min's I made my first contact.

  7. Easiest hookup for rtty and psk31 I have ever done

    Posted by RC Rogers on 16th Jan 2014

    Recently bought an Omni 7 - great radio. To hook this radio up to a computer already set up for PSK31 [Digipan] and RTTY [MTTY] I simply plugged it in to the computer USB, the radio ACC1 port, fired up the radio and both PSK and RTTY worked immediately. It dook a few minutes to tweak the audio levels and line gain, but this was sure easier than the first time I set this up about 12 years ago! First PSK qso was with a KP4 station who gave me excellent reports.

  8. USB computer to TenTec Omni VII

    Posted by JAMES R HOUGH JR on 6th Jan 2014

    Works fine on MT-63 receive. Haven't had a chance yet to transmit data but I do not believe it will not do the job. I was lucky enough to have an isolated usb port on the left side of my HP Laptop so there was no interference with the two USB slots on the right. Cable length is great. I use FLDIGI and level setting is easy. I had been using another cable with mic/earphone plug-ins on the computer. This frees those in/outs up for other use. Thanks, Jim Hough /W5ZXO/AFA4BT(USAF MARS)

  9. Model 712 USB soundcard interface

    Posted by W7ZAC on 2nd Jan 2013

    I just received and installed a model 712 Soundcard digital mode adapter cable. I would like to comment on it as to how good it is in
    I did get this usb soundcard adapter cable to work on my older Jupiter, following the instructions on the install sheet, along with the help of the tentec yahoo groups forum which someone posted a ,jpg picture of the resistor to change to 33k. The only negative things I found are (1) .The cable length is too short. It is necessary in some hamshacks like mine to separate the desktop PC and the Radio by at least 3 feet in order not to have stray RF get into the PC, even with toroid clamp on donuts on all cables. So, could you please make the cable 5 foot long?

    (2) The USB connector is molded right into the plastic glob, and will not fit into the restricted USB slots of my Desktop, an older 3Ghz model with
    four USB ports closely spaced on the back of the enclosure. I had to use a USB extension cable to make the connection.

    (3) The mike output that goes to the software (MIC) on the pc for waterfall or spectrum display has too high of an output to the mixer, and I have to be careful setting it
    or I get too much audio into most of the popular digital mode software like fldigi and DM780. This is just an annoyance, and could be taken care of with custom software, which would make the unit not Plug and Play compatible unless it was certified by Microsoft or Apple. But the unit works as well as I expected it to, I would give it 4 stars on the standard rating system.




  10. Simple and easy

    Posted by K8FER on 26th Oct 2012

    I have had mine for a couple of years and it works great with my Jupiter. I have used it with many modes, PSK, Contestia, Feld Hell, Olivia and others. The only problem is that it will not support JT65. If that would work it would be perfect.

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