Service Policy

Any unit sent in for service incurs a minimum charge of $140.00 which includes the first hour of labor, even if the unit is deemed un-repairable. It takes the service department one hour to receive, unpack, set up on the bench, evaluate, estimate the repair, repack and box the unit, prepare shipping documents and prepare the invoice.  If your unit is repaired during this time period there will not be additional labor charges. If further work is required it will be billed at 125.00 per hour in quarter hour increments. Parts and return shipping is charged additionally. It takes on the average two hours to repair a unit.

To clarify this labor structure we have prepared the following chart for your convenience:

00-59 minutes $140.00 Minimum Charge
60-74 minutes $171.25
75-89 minutes $202.50
90-114 minutes $233.75
105-119 minutes $265.00 Two hours
Third or more hours ADD $31.12 every 15 minutes

The email is monitored Monday through Wednesday. At this time we are unable to offer extensive telephone or email support for amateur customers.  Please do NOT call Dishtronix in Ohio. They can’t answer your service question and  will refer you to this email contact.  We understand you may find this inconvenient, but with the present resources it is the only possible way we can deal with the continuous volume of telephone calls that paralyzed the service department in the past. On a positive note, repairs under new management policies are averaging less than two weeks instead of months, so the changes to the service organization have been successful. Please don’t think we aren’t willing to repair your radio. We are anxious to help you get back on the air, and will repair any radio we made IF we can get the parts.  This can be challenging given the nearly fifty year history of the company.