Support & Service

Welcome to the Dishtronix support page.  We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible support.  An essential component of good support is a comprehensive knowledge base that our customers can access at all times.  That’s what this section of our site provides.

Dishtronix provides support for Alpha Amplifiers (formerly Alpha Radio Products) and TEN-TEC equipment, produced in the last 10 years. We repair and stock parts for products* in the list below.

Supported Products

  • Alpha 9500
  • Alpha 9510
  • Alpha 8410
  • Alpha 8406
  • Alpha 45XX
  • Alpha 2100
  • Alpha 2000
  • TEN-TEC 588 Omni VII
  • TEN-TEC 599 Eagle
  • TEN-TEC 539
  • TEN-TEC RX-340
  • TEN-TEC 318
  • TEN-TEC 418
  • TEN-TEC 422B Centurion
On the condition that the parts and expertise are available Dishtronix will repair equipment that doesn’t appear on this list.  Please contact us, HERE, to see if we’re in a position to repair older and legacy equipment.

Older and legacy products often require hard to obtain parts or out of production assemblies.  We provide schematics and bills-of-material for all of our legacay equipment, unfortunately we’re not in a position to order or produce legacy parts.  If the part is in inventory (sometimes it’s not) we’ll be more than happy to sell it to you.