USB Digital Mode Adapter

Model 712 USB Sound Card Digital Mode Adapter Cable


The Model 712 adapter cable (6ft in length) is a soundcard USB device that allows direct connection of the AUX I/O, ACC 1, or AUX1 jacks on the Omni VII, Orion/Orion II, Argonaut V, Eagle, Argonaut VI, and some Jupiter HF transceivers to an open USB port for digital mode use.

This “plug and play” cable includes a soundcard device built in and eliminates the need for other connections between the jack on your Ten-Tec HF transceiver and your computer soundcard for operating digital modes. Computers with a USB port but no soundcard can also be used for digital mode operation with this cable. Plug one end of the cable into an open USB port, the other into the appropriate jack on the transceiver and use your favorite digital mode software to start operating.


Model 712 USB Sound Card Adapter Manual