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The Rebel 506 utilizes a chipKIT Uno32 prototyping board which give users access to an Arduino based programming environment. With its 32 bit computing environment and 80 MHz processor the Uno32 provides users with a fast and accurate sandboxing environment. The Rebel's control software is open source and freely available,  modify and upload new functionality with MPIDE, chipKIT's free, Arduino derived IDE. The control code is based on the Arduino API, a framework well known for being accessible to beginners and powerful in the hands of an expert. With ample computing power and the Rebel's clever design, your imagination is the only limitation. Dozens of projects are available for download on the TenTec 506 Rebel Yahoo group. Basic features include a 40 and 20 meter CW QRP transceiver with internal jumpers to change bands. Full band coverage on both bands. Typical power output will run 4-5 watts with 13.5 VDC. A drift free operation is achieved through DDS synthesizer technology. CW sidetone through headphones. Three filter bandwidth choices and three tuning rate adjustments included with the stock program.


  • ChipKIT Uno32 32 bit, 80MHz processor with 128K of flash memory
  • DDS based VFO for no drift operation
  • 100% Open Source hardware & software
  • Covers 20 and 40 meter bands, Hardware hooks for user added features


  • View the full chipKit Uno32 specs HERE
  • Download the MPIDE IDE HERE
  • Visit the TenTec 506 Rebel Yahoo group HERE


Schematics v1.0 tt_506_rebel_schematics_rev_a
Board File v1.0 tt_506_rebel_board_rev_a
Manual v1.0 tt_506_rebel_manual_v1.0
Control Code tt_506__rebel_control_software_v2.0.pde

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