FAQ – Proper packaging for shipping

Proper packaging for items being returned to RKR Designs

If you need to ship us your amplifier, please use the original box and packing material. If you’ve misplaced the original material, you can order a box and packing kit. You are welcome to ship the amplifier using any common shipping method, ground or air, however we suggest you insure it for its full value.

Be sure to remove the transformer before shipping the amplifier to us. They almost never fail. I think we’ve seen three in the 44 years we’ve been building amps. The chassis just won’t take a few good tosses from the carrier.

We suggest you don’t use Styrofoam peanuts to pack your amplifier – we find them to be an ineffective and insufficient method of cushioning your amplifier for shipment. The practice of shipping amplifiers in this manner has lead to physical damage to amplifiers. Please consider using a more effective method of packaging your amplifier.

On the return to you, our recommendation is to ship your amplifier back to you the same way we ship all new amplifiers, that is, double boxed. We used to strap the amplifiers to pallets, but this year we designed, tested and approved a new shipping container that is less expensive to ship and still provides ample protection for the amplifier. The new container is a ‘box in a box’.  We’ve found that the box in a box works great. We use Fedex for our shipping and find that they handle the packages better than the other carriers, and are about the same price.

If the box it came in is unsafe to return your amplifier, we’ll sell you a new box for the return trip.


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