Alpha 87A


Alpha 87A Autotune HF Amplifier

The Alpha 87A is capable of 1.5kW continuous RF output on all commonly used modes and on any authorized amateur frequency from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz. Band change and tune-up are microprocessor controlled.
Capable of full CW break-in (QSK) and all digital modes when used with any appropriate transceiver.

AlphaMax Firmware to upgrade 87A amplifiers built before 1999 is not available


87A Receive Loss Alpha_87A_Receive_Loss
87A Manual 87amanual
87A Schematics 87A_full_schematics
87A Using AlphaMax Function 87A_Using_AlphaMax
87A AlphaRemote software (Windows) alpharemote
87A Tubedeck Blower Replacement Procedure 87a_Blower_Replacement_1
87A Parts list PARTS_LIST_-_ALPHA_87A
87A AlphaMax manual AlphaMax
Alpha Amplifier Production Dates Alpha_Amplifier_Production_Dates_1
Alpha Amplifier Keying Specs Amp_Keying_Specs_2
Hyperterminal hyperterminal_1

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