Parts and Service is Discontinued in Sevierville

Undoubtedly everyone has heard of the so called “chip” shortage by now.  The shortage isn’t just microprocessors and memory but extends to all levels of the electronics industry, even including even  very basic parts such as linear voltage regulators.

No one has ever seen anything like this in the history of the electronics industry.  The status of some critical parts like DSP processors are unknown if they will be produced again.  Other parts like encoders are 36 weeks  delivery. Some microcontrollers are showing more than a year delivery. Some transistors are showing 67 weeks delivery!   It isn’t possible to repair units or build radios without parts.  Irate customers are calling and emailing Dishtronix and complaining that units are not repaired and demanding returns.  All repair radios are being returned to respective owners unrepaired. We do not have recommendations for anyone to do repairs. The inventory is not for sale.

 As there are no guarantees that the shortages won’t extend further into the future, there is no alternative except to suspend operations in Sevierville.  Unfortunately we will no longer be able to answer email or telephone calls regarding Ten Tec amateur radio products.   Ten Tec is not out of business.  We are developing new products and will introduce them if and when we can obtain components.  When we have resources, we might put some of the parts online in the parts store, but this will not be anytime soon.

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